Sunday, December 14, 2008

From Star Trek To Robocop Hollywood Loves To Remake Sci Fi Hits

Star Trek

And its been more than 30 years from the film Star War made history, but the Force is still with us whether we like it or not with a seventh movie in theaters this past summer, one of the best games and a new weekly animated television (Theres also talk of a live-action series d in the next year or two). Science fiction, by its nature, is a celebration of the new, but we know that wouldnt watching Hollywoods space works. Star Trek, for example, is on the way back in theaters next summer in hopes that movie goers will still want to boldly go where millions and millions have gone before. The future seems very familiar.

Lara Croft Speaks Ask Crystal Dynamics

Ever Wanted

Ever Wanted to spend some time with Lara Croft and ask her any question you want your heart? Well we can t offer that, since it can not be T exist, but we can offer you an interview with the developers who created his latest adventure; Tomb Raider Underworld.

Quot Sex And The City Quot Sequel To Be Filmed In New Zealand

Cynthia Nixon, who plays Miranda Hobbe, said the average reported Muse Awards dinner in New York that New Zealand is one of the places they looked. But, things are very cantiere with Nixon saying that they are still negotiating the details.. One of Sex And The City star reporter said the movie sequel could be filmed here. New Zealand might be destined to become a very sexy. Hollywood gossips said Miranda could steal a Downunder billionaire in the film.

Kevin Costner Band Coming To Oklahoma City

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner film star and his musical side-project, Modern West, are coming to Bricktowns Wormy Dog Saloon for a performance on February 3, and a spokesman said the $ 30 tickets are going fast.

The Matanuska Colony Or How Sarah Palin Got That Funny Accent

Sarah Palin

In the relative isolation of an Alaskan valley, the immigrants were genuine accent. Sure enough, someone in Minnesota Public Radio (I would recall that could) identified the accent, and made a reference to a colony of Minnesotans who settled in Palmer, Alaska, the next town over Palins Wasilla. Some commentators referred to it as his accent Alaska, but who does not have a tin ear could hear it in Minnesota rates. Of all the issues of the presidential election just past, one of the less consequential to receive a large amount of press comment was Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palins distinctive accent.